Boy Scout Troop 16

St. Joseph Catholic Church

Canton, Oh 44708

A department site of St. Joseph Catholic Church

Policy Statement


General Statement - All troop policy decisions are based on: "The BSA Guide to Safe Scouting", "The BSA Scout Handbook", and the collective experience of the staff and committee, many of whom are long-time troop members and Eagle scouts themselves. To date, 19 committee (and staff) members have received official BSA Troop Committee Training, while 6 have completed BSA WoodBadge training. All policy decisions are made in the best interest of the boy and the troop while adhering to the time tested ideals of scouting.

Program - Troop 16 places strong emphasis on camping and outdoor activities. All scouts of the troop are expected to participate in:

  1. The annual week-long summer camp at 7 Ranges Scout Reservation.
  2. Winter weekend camping (September through May)
  3. Special event camping (Winter District Klondike Derby, Fall District Camporee).
In addition, Troop 16 conducts biweekly swimming/lifesaving and water safety classes on Sunday evening of each month from October through April at the Perry High School Pool (Class Info). Because of accessibility of boating, fishing and water sports in our area, the troop places special emphasis on each scout's ability to care for himself and others in the water. All scouts are expected to participate in these swimming classes either by assignment as a part of their skills development, or by choice as training is needed.

Meetings - Troop 16 meets every Tuesday evening from 7:30pm to 9:00pm. in the St. Joseph Church Hall. Members are expected to acquire and wear complete uniforms to meetings throughout the fall, winter, and spring, and other required events. Exceptions are made at the discretion of the scoutmaster. Scouts who have outgrown their uniform are encouraged to donate it to the troop for re-use by an incoming scout.

Dues / Finances - A monthly dues of $3.00 is required of each scout. As a practical demonstration of the 9th point of the Scout Law - "A Scout is Thrifty", dues should come from the boy's own earnings whenever possible. Monthly dues cover the annual registration fee of each scout.

Committee - The Troop 16 committee oversees the troop's finances and general operation. It provides its full support to the scoutmaster and his staff and is dedicated to provide a superior scouting program to its members.

Expectations - What is expected of every scout of Troop 16:

  1. Regular attendance at meetings and events.
  2. Honoring dues obligations regularly.
  3. Diligence in studying the Scout Handbook and maintaining a regular advancement schedule.
  4. Full participation in summer camp and other camping activities.
  5. Regular practice of his faith (a scout is reverent), fidelity to our country (a scout is loyal), and a serious effort to live up too the Scout Oath and Law.
  6. Ongoing respect to all scouts and troop leadership. Disrespect and disorderly behavior will not be tolerated.