Boy Scout Troop 16

St. Joseph Catholic Church

Canton, Oh 44708

A department site of St. Joseph Catholic Church


- Troop 16 originated at St. John's Catholic Church in the early 1920's.

- In 1924, due to its increasing size and membership from the St. Joseph's area, the charter was moved to St. Joseph's. A young man by the name of Lawrence R. Harbert agreed to take over as Scoutmaster.

- "Harb" was Scoutmaster for 43 years until his passing on April 1, 1967.

- In February 1967, Harb was honored with a picture and letter from President Lyndon B. Johnson on the occasion of the 100th Eagle under his leadership.

- In April of 1967, the Committee approved the appointment of Joe Brindlinger to that of Scoutmaster. Joe, an Eagle Scout, had been explorer advisor and Assistant Scoutmaster having been a member of Troop 16 since he was 12 years old.

- In the spring of 1982, Joe retired to become Committee Chairman, and John Sigler, also an Eagle of Troop 16 and member from his youth, took over as Scoutmaster. John led the Troop for the next 10 years.

- In 1992, John Fehrenbach, also an Eagle, became the Scoutmaster.

- In 1999, Bob Brindlinger, son of Joe and an Eagle Scout, replaced John as Scoutmaster in September 1999.

- In 2015 Dennis Vargo, also an Eagle Scout, replaced Bob to become the present Scoutmaster in March 2015.

-Over 195 Scouts have attained the rank of Eagle Scout as members of Troop 16.