Boy Scout Troop 16 Aquatics

St. Joseph Catholic Church

Canton, Oh 44708

A department site of St. Joseph Catholic Church
A subsite of Troop 16 BSA


Registration is currently Not Open for 2018-2019! Usually opens on September 1, please check out the programs link to be notified.

The scouts name will be added to the class when the funds are received!
Confirm Registration: Check Status!

Scouts can also register during the first class if room allows! Learners may sign-up during any class.

Swimming Merit Badge - $20 ($30 Event Day) Registrtion for Swimming Merit Badge is Closed! Class Full as of 9/28 @ 8:15 P.M.
Webelos Aquanaut December - $5 ($10 Event Day)
Lifesaving Merit Badge - $25 ($35 Event Day) Registrtion for Lifesaving Merit Badge is Closed! Class Full as of 12/12 @ 7:30 A.M.
Webelos Aquanaut March - $5 ($10 Event Day) Registrtion for Webelos Aquanaut March is Closed! Class Full as of 03/15 @ 4:15 P.M.
Learners - $4 Per Pool Class ($5 Pool Day)

There are two ways to register for the classes.

-Register Online though the link below. The permission form & a blue card (If Applicable) will need to be sent to us but we will reserve a spot in the class since registration was done online. You will get a confirmation email when online registration is completed!

Online Registration: All Classes!
(Registration for Swimming Merit Badge, Webelos Aquanaut, & Lifesaving Merit Badge closes an hour into the start of the first class!)
(Registration for Learns will remain open until an hour into the start of the last pool class!)


-Register by Mail. Sent an E-mail to Allan Hively with the Scout/s Name, Troop/Pack #, & the Class they would like to participate. You should get a response back within the next two days to let you know if there is still space in the class. The registration form, a check, permission form, & a blue card (If Applicable) will need to be received to complete the registration progress! Checks can be made to "Troop 16 BSA".

The Aquatics Registration Form is required if mailing in your registration.

All programs require an Aquatics Permission Form to participate in the class! The Merit Badge classes require a filled out blue card Blue Card Sample!

We would like to have all the items as soon as possible. The items can be mailed to:

Allan Hively
3722 ½ Lesh Street NE
Canton, Oh 44705

All items should be received before the start of the first class for a quicker check in process so class can start on time!